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Following the restoration of a 1973 Triumph Stag – going from battered and unloved to a pristine restoration.

Travels and Cars

TR Tony and Ally The Nag! are on their travels on a short holiday break through Wales! Nevertheless, TRT gets feedback from a couple of 'Arry The Stag! subscribers - one sharing some very handy top tips on how to save money on some big Stag jobs, as well as another,...

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The Borg Warner Gearbox Arrives!

TR Tony and 'Arry 'Imself meet Andy Morgan, who is a bit of a Guru with Triumph Stag Borg Warner gearbox repairs! To cut a long story short, the ATS lads decided to opt for an exchange box, given all the likely things that had probably gone wrong with UNY 49M's...

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Arry The Stag Goes to Wales!

TR Tony has been away touring the country this week for his consulting clients, but managed to grab a few moments in Wales to propose a new idea you may be interested in contributing to. Plus he reflects on the origins of UNY 49M and has some surprise gifts from a...

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Mick’s Stag Surprise!

OK it's time for an 'Arry The Stag! 'Shout out!' All those Guys and Gals out there (worldwide too by the way) who are slaving over their Triumph Stag rebuild projects should have all the recognition that they deserve. It's not easy being a Classic Car Restorer and so...

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