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So, what is ‘Arry The Stag! all about?

Casting his mind back to 1972, or thereabouts – and as a young schoolboy, stood on a bus stop with his mother, waiting for a bus into the centre of Bournemouth (his beloved hometown), Tony Armstrong (TR Tony) still remembers first seeing a Triumph Stag pulling out of a side road and driving past. Emanating its intoxicating V8 burble as it went by. And maybe that was exactly the moment when he was bitten by the Classic Car bug!

Wind the clock forward 47 plus years and his interests still lie with many different Classics – indeed that is what ‘Arry The Stag! Is all about… ‘Living The Classics Dream.’

‘Arry, Tony and James.

Simply because (as TRT says), ..’For so long, I have aspired to own a Classic Car, but for whatever reason, never actually made a commitment to buy one, up until recently..’

Now, like many people, Tony’s love for Classic Cars actually extends to all varieties. But at the top of the pile (if he’s honest, just a ‘smidgeon’ behind the ‘now out of reach financially’ E-Type Jaguar) is the Triumph Stag! A car designed by Michelotti and a stylish tourer that is just fantastic to look at and drive!

So, after many decades of dreaming about owning a Classic Car, with piles of Classic Car magazines regularly seen around the household to prove it! – It was February 2017 when TR Tony finally took the plunge – deciding to invest in his first Classic Car project.

The happy day finally came on the 24th February 2017, where a rather tired and beaten up Triumph Stag V8 (UNY 49M) having been rescued from a dodgy residential driveway right under the Heathrow Flightpath (it looked really sorry for itself!) made it home to the TRT residence in Bournemouth. And so, the wonderful journey of restoration began.

Initially, TR Tony and Harry (his stepson aka ‘Arry), had the idea to film the progress of dismantling and reconstruction, really just as a personal archive – to look back on when the car finally returns to the road. But due to demand from interested friends; relations and Facebook users, TR Tony and Harry decided to create a unique social media channel record and a forensic blow by blow rebuild process of UNY 49M.

Our ‘Arry The Stag shirts

Thus was borne ‘Arry The Stag!’ on YouTube – followed by Twitter; FaceBook; Instagram and Website Social Media platforms. All designed to spread the joy (and endure the pain) of getting the Triumph Stag  – UNY 49M back on The Queen’s Highway!

And as ever, these things ‘grow legs’ – now with a ‘social media mission’ to not only rebuild their Triumph Stag, but also to feature other interesting aspects of Classic Cars – Such as the MGB GT (Harry’s Stag Support Vehicle!). Plus, other features on different types of Classic Cars too – including: News; Test drives; Issues in the industry; Visits to Auctions and Shows and so on. With a common ‘thread’ throughout around the classic Triumph Stag that both Tony and Harry (‘Arry The Stag ‘Imself) are rebuilding.

From time to time, they are joined by other family and friends on their journey and they too will also appear in the videos:

Lady Throop

Trumpet Bob


TR Tony

‘Ally The Nag’ (TRT’s Missis) – aka ‘Lady Throop’ in polite company! ‘Trumpet (Pilot) Bob’ (Tony’s other Son); ‘Stanpart Stu’ (Harry’s Mate); ‘Chloe Clutch’ (Harry’s Girlfriend); ‘Loose-bolt Lyd’ (James’s Girlfriend); ‘Torque Bar Jim’ (Harry’s Grandad); ‘Just Bex’ and ‘Near Side Nats’ (Tony’s two Daughters) and many many more! While last, but not least comes the family Doberman (soft as you like!) dog called ‘Downpipe Duke’ 

Incidentally, we are still looking for an ‘Auntie Roll Barr’ nominee!!

So, thanks for joining us on the ‘Arry The Stag!’ journey – feel free to contribute and ask questions about what we’re doing – plus, sharing maybe what you have been doing with yours too and together, we will have a lot of fun!

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Best Wishes TR Tony; Trumpet (Pilot) Bob and ‘Arry The Stag! ‘Imself!

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