TR Tony received some urgent correspondence this week from Australia, regarding the alleged safety of the Triumph Stag Aftermarket Bulkhead Deadening Pad which is available through a number of resellers.

A couple of Stag owners have reported problems with their cars being set alight by various means, as the pads don’t appear to be fire retardant. Which is nuts for the environment they are supposed to be used in (engine bay).

So, not only has TR Tony notified the Stag Owners Club in the UK at Senior level earlier in the week. He’s also conducted some independent research himself on the same Pad that he bought from a reputable UK parts vendor a couple of years back, which has been awaiting refitting to his UNY49M Stag in due course. Judge for yourselves what he found out.

He also expresses concern about other Marques, which may well be using the same bulkhead pad materials and encourages all Classic Car owners to check their cars out for safety, just in case.

Nothing has been proven officially as yet, but TR Tony for one won’t be fitting this particular item to his car, for very obvious reasons.