OK, I will be honest – as we’ve taken a big risk here and done something completely different to what we’d usually do on ‘Arry The Stag! But will, of course be resuming back to normal next time around! Not only have the ‘Arry The Stag! team been locked up in the same house for weeks and enjoying lots of Triumph Stag Shenanigans. They’ve also been discovering and honing new found skills – from fibre – glassing to rebuilding old bicycles; from cooking, to construction, there has been no limit to their ingenuity.

There is one Big Elephant in the room, however that has been a growing problem every day and night during since this Lock Down period started (and we feel sure you’ll also relate to this). Namely that of being able to get to the Barbers Shop for a new hairdo! They look like a right set of ‘Airy Monsters!!

So, short of being very radical and shaving everything off, the Boys try their hand at Coiffuring in the ‘Arry The Stag! back Garden.

Watch and learn Folks.. watch and learn. Incidentally, no ‘Arry The Stag! presenter was permanently harmed in the making of this film – and we also did a bit of good for Charity too!

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Happy Fridays everyone!