One of the great things we’ve learned about ‘Arry The Stag! since we got going has been the wonderful people we get to know and are continuing to meet, through our shared interest in the Triumph Stag and the Classic Car movement. Seriously, we have been blown away by the level of genuine enthusiasm; love and shear enjoyment we’re all gaining as we endeavour to get our Stag(s) back on the road!

With this in mind, meet Mike of Wessex Car Trimming down in Southampton – what a good ‘Diamond Geezer’ bloke he is, especially when it comes to recovering Classic Car seats and the like.

Sit back then and see a craftsman give us his insight into the industry and his particular niche he is very strong in and knows his onions about!

And if you haven’t had your free ‘Arry The Stag! Badge of Honour to pop on your windscreen yet, then just click here and we’ll get one sent out to you! Note any Classic qualifies (or modern car too if you want), so don’t be shy!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Kind regards

TR Tony and the ‘Arry The Stag! Gang