TR Tony is in his element on a Friday Nite Trunnions ‘in the garage’ mission to sort out the next stage of the Triumph Stag’s front seat back. With apologies for the incorrect pronunciation of ‘Ro Jo’ at the end of the film – he now believes it should of course be pronounced ‘Ree okk aah!’ so apologises in advance for his rather simplistic interpretation! To be fair, it’s probably why he sticks to ‘Old Speckled Hen!’ as his preferred tipple for Friday Nite Trunnions! Least he can pronounce that right… although after six of them he does appear to lose all sense of normality; promises Ally The Nag! the world and promptly then falls asleep a lot! Incidentally, if you’d like an ‘Arry The Stag! Badge of Honour (free), simply go here and we will happily send you one