If you think you’ve been to an Auto jumble before – well, wait till you see this one!

‘TR T’ himself and ‘Downpipe Duke’ the Doberman made a special trip to go see the International Auto jumble at Beaulieu this last weekend.

Well ‘International’ it certainly was – and the ‘daily steps’ recorder on TRT’s iphone apparently went off the scale (so he said!), it was THAT big an event!

To be honest, they both reported afterwards that it felt like they had been like traversing across a whole Continent, they were so exhausted from all the walking about (don’t mention the B word by the way!).

Of course, we can only give you just a glimpse of all that was there, but soak up a bit of the Beaulieu atmosphere and ‘ambience’ and enjoy a few tasty Classic motors on sale at the same time (including a Stag, if you look carefully and you’re very quick!).

Best wishes from the ‘Arry The Stag! team!