Well TR Tony and ‘Arry ‘Imself simply couldn’t resist talking to Young Barry from Gosport about his fine looking Magenta Triumph Stag, when they visited Beaulieu Auto Jumble at the weekend.

Not only is it the original UNY 49M ‘out of the factory’ colour – which TRT remarked that he thought was a ‘lot nicerer’ (that’s Dorzett language for ‘he liked it!’) up close and personal than he’d thought previously, when viewing just photos alone.

But, our Dynamic ‘Arry The Stag! Duo were also very impressed with the levels of ingenuity and innovation ideas Barry has come up with – to improve on the day to day use of our beloved cars.

…Watch and learn then Guys and Gals … watch and learn!

With thanks to ‘Our Barry from Gosport’ who’s ‘Arry The Stag! Bobble ‘At! is currently winging its way to him via The Royal Mail as we speak!

What a good bloke he is – thanks Barry!