Oi Oi!! .. Stand by yer beds – this is serious viewing on ‘Arry The Stag! and the second film of three from TR Tony’s weekend trip to see Paul and the team at Stag Classics in Hampshire.

Okay, so we all aspire to get our Stags back on the road and ideally in the best condition that they can possibly be, but this car you’re about to see takes it to a completely different level!

Loved; cared for; caressed and rebuilt by the Team at Stag Classics, this car has had no expense spared on it and must be one of THE best Triumph Stags on the planet!

Seriously, grab a cuppa tea; relax (ideally with a pair of headphones on, ready to hear that V8 burble) and sit back and enjoy over 7 minutes of ‘Automotive Pawn’ .. There’s no other way to describe this car! And yes, I have deliberately mis-spelt that P word to avoid any one who might be offended… but you kinda get my drift, don’t you?!!

Stag Classics – You Rock!!!…. Take a bow!!