Part of the fun of ‘Arry The Stag is seeing other up together Stags out there that are being cherished and in daily use by their owners.

Not only is it great to see what others have done to keep their car on the road, but it’s also incredibly motivational when you are working on your own project and know you have a long way to go before yours gets there (but you can see it will do..eventually)!

Meet David, who’s Stag has been in the family for many decades (40 plus years!). Previously owned by his Father, David reminisces about many a trip (and as a young lad), he and his sister were taken out on by his Mum and Dad, back in the day!

David has looked after this car like you wouldn’t believe and the exhaust note of the V8 is just simply…. intoxicating!

So sit back; relax; grab a cup of tea before you press ‘play’ and take in the first of two videos we made of the car – albeit on a somewhat inclement day in the Derby area (didn’t stop us having a great time though!!)

Thanks to David and Diane for being such great sports; great hosts … and for a most delicious lunch too! Most importantly, for a wonderful experience TR Tony will remember for a very long time!

You rock Guys!