So, this is the second video of two that shows off David from Derby’s wonderful Triumph Stag – owned by him and his family for many decades – and If you thought the first video was good – wait till you watch this one!

Although you don’t have ‘smellyvision’ on You Tube (to take in that never to be forgotten petrol smell from the Stag; you do get to hear the fantastic sound of a V8 Triumph engine going through it’s paces on the streets of Derby.

As well as a few top tips from ‘Arry The Stag! – care of David himself ….and there’s a couple of really important safety ones to watch out for; it’s Triumph Stag and Driving at it’s very best!

Sit back; turn you volume up on your speakers (head phones even better) and get ready to be ‘plugged in to the mains!’ Awesome!

Thanks again David – you now join the elite and privileged few in the ‘Arry The Stag fan base who can legitimately claim to be an official ‘Arry The Stag! King Bobble ‘At .. well, him and his lovely wife Diane of course – who also won one!

Sit back and enjoy the ride Guys and Gals!

All the very best TR Tony!