Welcome to ‘Arry the Stag!

Following the restoration of a 1973 Triumph Stag – going from battered and unloved to a pristine restoration.

Triumph Stag – Seat Treats!

TR Tony ventures East over to Trestans Metal Finishers in Woolston, Southampton to collect the newly refurbished Triumph Stag Seat Frames he took there a couple of weeks back - and to see what they have done with the ropey old bits of rusted metal he dropped off! Will...

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Triumph Stag Rear Drum Brakes

TR Tony reports in on the progress with the dismantling of UNY 49M's rear braking system. Well...actually, he only reports on it as 'Arry 'Imself did all the work in braking everything down! Free Badge of Honour Guys and Gals here www.arrythestag.com/badge-of-honour

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Triumph Stag Test Drive

TR Tony had some errands to run and a Triumph Stag just sitting in the garage at home, waiting for a bit of attention! So, TR T couldn't refuse the temptation to take advantage of the situation; grab the opportunity; fire up the ol' Jallopee and give UES 591S a much...

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Triumph Stag – Brake Caliper Conundrums

In a brief mid week update TR Tony and 'Arry 'Imself take action on the rather tired brake calipers and discover the joys of rebuilding them with a simple kit, rather than buying new replacements for the Stag! For leather and metal 'Arry The Stag! branded Key Fobs -...

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Triumph Stag Petrol Tank Pin Hole Wizard!!

TR Tony investigates a very common Stag problem with the Petrol Tank and shows what to look out for when you smell those dreaded fumes emanating from the boot of your beloved Classic! Ably assisted by 'Arry 'Imself, it's one area to really take a close look at on your...

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Arry The Stag! Visits Alan The Welder

TR Tony and 'Arry 'Imself take a trip down to see Alan The Welder, who we hear is feeling much better now and made some progress with UNY 49M's body tub. It has been a while, but there again the Boys have been pretty busy on a number of fronts, so the time hasn't been...

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UNY 49M’s Stag Seats Go East!

Finally, after all the recent bun fights of picking up Stags and returning to base care of Green Flag, TR Tony gets back in the Garage once more to assess the Stag's seats and decides how best to dispose of the old vinyl covers that came off the originals!

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